Former CIA Director Michael Hayden appeared on Late Night and was interviewed by show host Stephen Colbert. The jovial Hayden was asked about the data-dump released by the WikiLeaks transparency organization that consisted of thousands of documents that reveal that the CIA has a global network of hackers. According to the leaked documents, the CIA hacks into high-tech phones and television to spy on people across the globe.

Colbert said “The latest dump from WikiLeak says that the CIA is looking at me and listening to me through my TV...Weeping Angel is the program where they are looking through my TV. Is the CIA looking at my through my microwave oven and through my TV and through my cellphone? Are they doing that, sir?”

While Hayden was laughing, Colbert asked “If there were, would you say yes?”

Hayden answered, “Yes.” When Colbert asked, “Is that a true answer?” Hayden answered “Yes.”

Referring to the various hacking tools at the disposal of the CIA, Hayden claimed that they “would not be used against an American.”

While he admitted that there are “bad people” out there, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court process protects Americans from surveillance. Referring to foreign targets, Hayden said, “You actually want us to have the ability to turn on that listening device inside the TV, to learn that person’s intentions. This is a wonderful capability.” Admitting that American taxpayers give $53 billion to the intelligence community every year, “You ought to get something for you money,” he said. When Colbert whether to be worried about the CIA’s capabilities, Hayden answered, “We’re all Americans, we’re all distrustful of government. It’s in our DNA. Even for the former director of this and that.” pointed out tht he has four Samsung teleevisions in his home. Samsung is the brand that



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