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Despite several media reports to the contrary, Donald Trump says that a rally planned for today in Cincinnati is still on schedule. In a posting on Twitter, Trump wrote that despite “false reports” by the media, the rally will still go on. According to, the Secret Service had not enough time to prepare security arrangements in the Ohio metropolis in time to hold the event planned for the Duke Energy Convention Center.

The website quoted Trump spokesman Eric Deters. The report said that the Trump campaign is seeking for find a location for March 13 or 14.

On March 15, voters in Ohio and several other states will go to the polls to cast their ballots for the candidates of the respective parties.

This came just hours after Trump’s campaign cancelled an event at an event center on the campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago. Raucous supporters of Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders and the Black Lives Matter movement infiltrated and disrupted the event.

Various accounts by participants and media present described the near-riot conditions within and without the arena. At least four police officers were injured. Photographs showed that one officer was seen being led away to emergency aid as blood streamed down his face from a head injury. In Twitter postings, supporters of Bernie Sanders boasted of having coordinated the disruption of the Trump event. Protesters against Trump were heard chanting “F—k Trump!” while others chanted in Spanish “Si se puede!” – which roughly means “Yes we can!” – a slogan that is used by Spanish-speaking leftists and community organizers in the United States and Latin America.

Trump speaks in Dayton OH at 10 a.m. ET. Protesters are already on the scene. The Republican frontrunner is expected to arrive in his private jet at the Wrght Brothers Aero at a local airport. Campaign staff are saying that the hangar is now at capacity, while a line of cars of people is stretching from the hangar and outside along Dixie Drive. Some reports say that people have been waiting at least two hours to see the candidate and that some will have to watch the event from the traditional air show entrance nearby. Security has been spotted on the scene. 








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