Michelle Booker-Hicks was confronted with a life-or-death situation at about 10 p.m. on Wednesday night and chose to stand her ground. Booker-Hicks was paying for fuel at a Shell gas station in Dallas, Texas, when a man attempted to drive away with her SUV, which had her two sons seated in the back. The mother jumped into action and went to the passenger seat and commanded the hijacker to stop the vehicle. When he refused, Booker-Hicks reached into the glove compartment, produced a pistol and shot the offender in the face. 

The carjacker drove into a light pole near the gas station, where the vehicle stopped. Neither Booker-Hicks -- a black woman -- nor her children, ages 2 and 4, were injured. The heroic woman told local KDFW news, “I should have emptied the whole clip, but I didn’t...I’m not a killer or anything like that but I do believe in defending what’s mine.” 

The injured man has been identified as Ricky Wright -- a black male who has a long record of crimes -- who is now hospitalized and is in a serious but stable condition. Miraculously, his injuries are not life-threatening. However, he will face charges of kidnapping, breaking and entering, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, unlawful restraint, and robbery.

Booker-Hicks had placed her pistol in her SUV just hours before the incident. Her husband helped her reload the gun. According to CBS News, she said, “I told him that I needed some bullets for my gun and he told me that he was going to go get it.” She has a message for Wright: “I wish I would’ve killed you, if I didn’t already.”




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