In a BBC interview, Saudi Prince Turki al-Faisal al-Saud claimed that Iran is expanding its “unacceptable” occupation of Iraq. Speaking to BBC’s Barbara Plett Usher, the former ambassador to the United States and the United Kingdom said he believes that solving the question of Iran's nuclear ambitions "is not going to be the end of the troubles we're having." This is because “Iran is a destructive player in various scenes in the Arab world,” said the Saudi prince, such as Yemen, Iraq, Palestine, Bahrain, Syria and elsewhere.
When asked whether there is an alternative to American support for Iraqi forces, back by Iran, Turki al-Faisal said in a video released on March 16 that the Iraqi people can be called upon to defend their country. He said that Iraqi Sunni tribesmen were able to eliminate the Al-Qaida terrorist organization from Iraq during the U.S. occupation.
“Now it seems that Iran is expanding its occupation of Iraq,” said Faisal, “and that is unacceptable.”
Plett Usher said that the U.S. is now aiding Saudi Arabia in the training and equipping of Syrians fighting against the Assad regime in Damascus. She asked whether it infuriated him that “200,000 lives had to be lost before the Americans finally listened to your call to arm the Syrians.”
In response, he said “It’s not just the Americans. It’s the whole world. There seems to a plot on the part of the world community to ignore the suffering of the Syrian people. The Americans are working with us now on many issues, not just the training of the Syrians. They’re working on the coalition against ‘Fahesh’ (the Islamic State),” said the former diplomat. He explained that ‘fahesh’ in English means obscene.



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