On 'Fox & Friends," former House Speaker Newt Gingrich says this election night could be "very short" if Donald Trump win Florida, Michigan, and North Carolina.
"If Trump carries New Hampshire, it's game on," Gingrich said on the morning talk show. "At that point, if I were Hillary and her team, I will be very, very worried."
"We're really in for a long night unless, as the poll that came out this morning suggests, he carries Michigan, in which case we're in for a very short night because at that point it will be very clear that Donald Trump is the next president," Gingrich said. 
Gingrich said, "Ohio is going to go for Trump clearly. So the east is going to be better for Trump than you would have thought six months ago."
"I'll be very curious whether it's actually this close or whether the momentum for Trump means that it was this close," said Gingrich. "You saw what happened with Reagan. He gain strength every single day up through Election Day."
"Secretary Clinton represents the establishment, the whole system and she is the legitimate heir to Barack Obama," said Gingrich. "Donald Trump is the most outsider candidate to be nominated in my lifetime.
"This is a guy who two years ago, you guys have known him a long time. If somebody had walked up to you and said he's going to beat 16 other guys, become the Republican nominee and by elect day, you are not going to know who is going to win, you would have thought they were crazy."



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