The intended target of the Muslim terrorists who killed 15 persons and injured more than one hundred last week in Spain revealed the underlying character of Islam’s rage against Christianity. Even though Muslims frequently instruct credulous Christians that they really do revere Jesus Christ and that Christians and Jews are tolerated by Islam, their actions over the centuries and last weekend belies their point.

It was revealed this week that Mohamed Houli Chemlal, a member of the multi-member terror cell responsible for the attacks in Catalonia, confessed to a judge in Madrid that his conspirators sought to unleash large-scale bombing attack on Barcelona’s architectural marvel, the cathedral known as La Sagrada Familia, among other prominent landmarks.

Ceiling of the nave of La Sagrada Familia

The cathedral is the pride of Catalonia, the ancient principality that forms a part of Spain that is equally proud of its cultural and linguistic heritage which is distinct from the rest of the country. La Sagrada Familia is still under construction after four generations, in much the same way that ancient cathedrals in Europe took time to build. It was designed by ground-breaking architect Antoni Gaudi.

The destruction of the cathedral would have been deplored not only by Christians, but by lovers of art and culture around the world. In much the same way, Muslim terrorists have obliterated other works of art, culture, and architecture, such as the famous Buddhas of Afghanistan, monasteries in Egypt and Iraq, and ancient archaeological sites.

The terrorists, however, were not equal to their evil intentions. Before they could carry out the bombing attack, the terrorist cell’s bomb-making materials detonated in a repossessed house in the town of Alcanar, where they had been squatting. The explosion happened early on the morning of August 17. Two of the plotters were killed outright. The rest went on to use their vehicles to conduct their murderous rampage.

One of the plotters was Es Satty, a Moroccan in his 40s, who was one of two people who died in the bomb factory explosion in which Houli was injured. Es Satty had intended to mount a suicide bomb attack. His relatives have said that he sought to convince them to become more observant of their religion. One relative told El Pais newspaper, “He wanted to give me some talk and one day he started telling me that listening to music was bad,” and added, “I told him not to brainwash me. He never spoke to me again.”

La Sagrada Familia has been under construction since 1881, when the Spiritual Association of Devotees of Saint Joseph bought the land where cathedral now stands. The church survived the Spanish Civil War, when anti-Christian revolutionaries set fire to the crypt and Gaudi’s studio. They destroyed the original plans left by Gaudi and a number of his models. Despite their vandalism, work has continued under the direction of eight chief architects, the latter six of whom have remained faithful to Gaudí’s unique design. Their descendants, perhaps not satisfied with the extent of the destruction of churches, have aligned with Muslims to demand free admission for Muslims and migrants to come to Spain, which includes as much as $1,400 in welfare payments for a family of three. As recipients of social welfare, Muslims have become natural adherents of European socialism. Until they finally rule.

This raises the question: Can Islam coexist with modern Western cultures? Will yet another attack on Christians by Muslim extremists convince the former that it is not only Islam that must be resisted? Political Islam must be resisted by better ideas, in much the same way that the ideals of Freedom finally beat the tyrannies of Soviet communism and National Socialism. They must be ideas worth dying for, because Muslims are willing to die and kill for their vision of how the world should be.

 So far, Europe’s leaders have merely deplored the violence unleashed by Muslims rather than saying exactly what it is they are promoting in place of Muslim assaults. Interestly, by their attacks on Christian churches in Europe, Africa, Middle East, and South Asia, Muslims and leftists have clearly shown that they have already discerned their common enemy.



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