Talk show host Bill Maher, while he is taking credit for the downfall of gay provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos, who has been discredited by conservatives because of his alleged defense of sexual relations between adults and minor, himself defended pedophilia in 1998 and 2007. Interviewed by Playboy magazine in 2007, Maher defended the sexual relationship between schoolteacher Mary Kay Letourneau and her 12-year-old male student, Vili Fualaau. "I’m the only guy I’ve ever heard who defends Mary Kay Letourneau," Maher said.
Maher, a professed atheist and alleged comic, often takes Republicans and members of established religions to task for their views. He has, however, been criticized for also pointing out the dangers of Muslim sharia rule.
When he was asked whether educators should be allowed to have sexual relations with underage students, and not face jail time, Maher said that depends on whether the student in question is a boy or girl. "If a 28-year-old male teacher is screwing a 13-year-old girl, that’s a crime," he said. "But with Debra Lafave [another teacher who had sex with a student] screwing her 14-year-old boy student, the crime is that we didn’t get it on videotape. Was he being taken advantage of? I wish I had been taken advantage of like that. What a memory she gave him!"
While Maher may have possibly spoken ironically in the 2007 interview,on ABC’s “Politically Incorrect” talk show in 1998 episode, Maher appeared to defend teacher Letourneau sexual relationship with Fualaau. "[Letourneau] is in jail because she is in love," he said. "That's how I view it ... Basically, they're having a family and they're keeping the mother in jail because she won't conform to what society feels should be the perfect American family."
A guest on that episode of “Politically Incorrect,” Celeste Greig, said that Letourneau was in fact raping Fualaau. But Maher insisted otherwise. "Raped?" Maher asked. "Come on. She forced? How do you know? ... How can a woman rape a man?"



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