Michael Caputo, a former political adviser to Donald Trump, said that the violent leftist anti-Trump group ANTIFA threatened to kill his family. Speaking this Sunday on Fox News' "Fox & Friends," Caputo said, "I was on business travel, and I started receiving telephone calls, threats." Caputo told "Fox & Friends." hosts:  "I had one person say they were ANTIFA and they were going to burn my house to the ground with my wife and my toddler daughters inside."

While he said that the majority of the violent threats are false alarms, Caputo remains "quite concerned" about them because of incidents such as the June 14 shooting in Alexandria VA, where a leftist supporter of Bernie Sanders shot and wounded four persons including Republican Rep. Steve Scalise of Louisiana. The shooter, who was ultimately killed by police fire, had sought Republicans in the shooting. Caputo said, "Suddenly all the rules are gone," Caputo said, while saying that ANTIFA adherents are "fascists through and through," despite their name.

"ANTIFA, if you have an ounce of decency, if you have any amount of courage, take off your masks," he challenged. "I think we're lost in a lot of ways," Caputo concluded. "We used to be a team as Americans."

Scalise remains hospitalized with life-threatening injuries.




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