Speaking on his radio show today, host Sean Hannity discussed the possibility that he may sue CNN for “slander.”
“What does — how do I get an apology from CNN? Should I — I would love to sue them for slander when they say, “Oh he wants Hillary on her deathbed and dead,” when I said just the opposite,” Hannity said.
Last month Brian Stelter of CNN accused Hannity of spreading conspiracy theories about the health of Democrat Hillary Clinton. Hannity responded then by saying Stelter is a “little pipsqueak.” On September 11, Clinton unexpectedly left behind a 9/11 commemoration at Ground Zero in New York City and then collapsed before reaching her vehicle. Whisked away by her Secret Service motorcade, Clinton was taken first to her daughter’s Manhattan home before then going to her residence in Chappaqua NY. The Clinton campaign claimed at first that her medical episode was due to overheating, but her personal physician later explained that she was suffering from a case of pneumonia that had been diagnosed on September 9. Clinton has been resting since then, but is due to return to the campaign trail tomorrow.
In June, Hannity commented on video of Clinton that was taken at a campaign event in which she appeared to waggle her head. Hannity said at the time that it looked "seizure-esque to me."
“I know it’s hard to sue when you’re a public figure pretty much people can call you anything, and I’ve been called pretty much everything,” Hannity continued. “But I’m thinking of suing them.” Hannity also said that he might retain celebrity attorney David Boies to represent him. Hannity said “No, they’ve got the money. They’ve got enough money. Time Warner can pay me,” when his producer said that his network does not have sufficient funds for a lawsuit."



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