Progressive websites crowed about weekend vandalism that occured at Donald Trump’s newest hotel. Security cameras and amateur video rcorded an act of vandalism at Trump's hotel in Washington DC near the White House. Video recorded a man spray painting the slogans, “Black Lives Matter” and “No Justice No Peace” on the limestone walls outside of a side entrance of the hotel. People in the video can be heard shouting, “black lives matter!” as the man finished smearing the walls with graffitti. One is heard to say, “You need to go, they’re calling the cops on you.”
As the vandal fled down the street, an apparent signature was revealed: “—Van.” The scrawls have been covered up with plywood since the incident. Polkice are investigating the incident, but no suspect has been identified.
According to -- a leftist news and opinion website that features Mexican-American journalist and Trump gadfly Jorge Ramos -- crowed that the "misogynist alt-right meme and alleged millionaire’s Trump Organization" won a 60-year lease from the federal government to spend millions of dollars in converting the Old Post Office Building on Pennsylvania Avenue, near the White House, into "gaudy" Trump Interiational Hotel. Fusion said that the "263-room house of horrors" was the focus of media attention when several restaurants backed out of the project more than a year after Trump made supposedly "racist comments about Mexicans."
At the first presidential debate, Trump told listeners that his success at the new hotel is a reason why voters should consider his candidacy in the upcoming election. He said, But we’re opening the Old Post Office. Under budget, ahead of schedule, saved tremendous money. I’m a year ahead of schedule. And that’s what this country should be doing.” 



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