Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, a Democrat, will resign effective at 5 pm on Wednesday. This follows allegations that Murray sexually abused his cousin, Joseph Dyer. Dyer is the fifth man to accuse the veteran Democrat of sexual abuse. In a statement, Murray said, “I am announcing my resignation as mayor, effective at 5 p.m. tomorrow.” Murray dodged culpability, adding, “While the allegations against me are not true, it is important that my personal issues do not affect the ability of our city government to conduct the public’s business.”

Referring to his time in the Washington State legislature, Murray wrote: “I’m proud of all that I have accomplished over my 19 years in the Legislature, where I was able to pass what were at the time the largest transportation packages in state history, a landmark gay civil rights bill and a historic marriage equality bill.

According to the now 54-year-old Joseph Dyer, Murray sexually assaulted him for a year while they shared a bedroom in Dyer’s mother’s home on Long Island, New York in the 1970s. Dyer was 13 at the time. 

Child protective services in Oregon concluded that Murray had sexually abused a foster son, following an investigation in 1984. The agency said that “under no circumstances should Mr. Murray be certified” as a foster parent in the future. Oregon Child Protective Services (CPS) determined that Jeff Simpson’s allegations against Murray were valid. CPS caseworker Judy Butler wrote in 1984: “In the professional judgement of this caseworker who has interviewed numerous children of all ages and of all levels of emotional disturbance regarding sexual abuse, Jeff Simpson has been sexually abused by … Edward Murray.”

The prosecutor in Multnomah County OR withdrew a criminal case against Murray because of Simpson’s mental state, but not because she thought Simpson was lying. “It was Jeff’s emotional instability, history of manipulative behavior and the fact that he has again run away and made himself unavailable that forced my decision,” Deputy District Attorney Mary Tomlinson wrote. “We could not be sure of meeting the high burden of proof in a criminal case — of proof beyond a reasonable doubt and to a moral certainty. However, this in no way means that the District Attorney’s Office has decided Jeff’s allegations are not true.”

Murray, who was elected mayor in 2013, is openly homosexual.



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