Both Pope Francis and President Donald Trump have offered support in the case of Charlie Gard -- an 11-month-old baby boy who is suffering from a rare mitochondrial depletion syndrome disease. The Vatican-operated Bambino Jesu hospital in Rome has offered to take in the baby, who has been refused permission by a British and European court to go to the US for experimental care. While Trump has also offered assistance, he would need support from British Prime Minister Theresa May to circumvent a decision by the European Court of Human Rights to allow the Great Ormond Street Hospital in London to take the baby off life support. 

According to an official spokesperson,  "This is a very sensitive case. I don't think it would be appropriate for me to talk about it here at this point other than to say our thoughts are with him and his family."

Physicians at Great Ormond Street Hospital would allow the 11-month-old baby boy to travel to the US. A doctor and hospital are willing to take him in -- free of charge. In addition, the family has garnered approximately $1.5 million for his care. While Trump has not spoken personally with Charlie’s parents, members of the administration have Aid from the White House must come before the physicians at Great Ormond decide to pull the plug, against his family’s wishes. According to The Daily Mail, a legal expert claims that no possible appeal remains, despite huge outpourings of repudiation of the decision.

Attention has focused Prime Minister May, the daughter of an Anglican vicar who was educated at a Catholic convent school, who has spoken frankly of her Christian faith. Whether she can flout the decision of Britain's high court and the European Court of Human Rights.




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