In Hanover, Massachusetts, children and residents had dubbed an unusual urban critter ‘Santa Squirrel’ that seemed to have a "white fur beard." Angela Fernquist, who has four kids, told ABC News "The kids started calling it 'Santa Squirrel' because of the white fur around its neck," and added, "But after I finally got to see the squirrel up close this past weekend, I thought it might not be fur."
On December 12, Fernquist took a high-res photo of the squirrel and discovered that what her children thought was a beard, was actually a section of a hollow bone. She contacted the Animal Rescue League of Boston in the hope of rescuing the hapless rodent. Fernquist explained that she felt bad for "the lil' squirrel."
On the next day, ARL of Boston and Fernquist put out a peanut butter trap, according to ARL spokesperson Dot Joyce, and humanely confined the squirrel. Once it was caught, according to Joyce, the squirrel was taken for treatment at a veterinarian's office in nearby Dedham, where ‘Santa Squirrel’ received anesthesia and the bone removed.
Released from the bone around its neck, the squirrel was given back to nature in Fernquist's yard on December 14. 



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