The city of Detroit is advertsiing that it offers identification cards to those who havet difficulty obtaining driver's licenses or other forms of identification. Illegal immigrants, convicts, and homeless people can now obtain a municipal identity card so as to gain access to municipal services, and interact with the police and schools.

Additionally, more than 100 public and private organizations special perks. Some of those organizations include, AMC Theaters, Buddy's Pizza, and the YMCA. 

Homeless people may use the address of a shelter in order to qualify for an I.D. 

Intake centers for I.D. applicants are located at three different sites in the Motor City.

The Detroit city council passed legislation in a unanimous vote of 7-0 in May to grant the identity cards. While the Michigan Secretary of State’s office requires a Social Security number and documentation to prove legal authorization to be present in the state, the new municipal card does not require such proof.

 Establishing a municipal ID ordinance was a priority for Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan in order to spur population growth in Detroit. “This is something that will make Detroit so much more accessible for so many people who are living here right now who call Detroit home, but don’t have the same benefits that we have,” Wiley said. “For Detroit to grow in population and for Detroit to become a stronger city, everybody has to be included in that.”

To obtain a municipal ID, applicants will need to cross a 300-point threshold. The ordinance assigns values to several documents:  a valid U.S. or foreign passport is worth 200 points, while bank records and baptismal records are among documents worth 50 points. In addition to hitting the 300-point mark, applicants must show proof of residency with a utility bill, lease agreement,  or other documents that are dated within 30 days of the application. The IDs will include the age, address, date of birth, signature and a photograph of the immigrant.
The card will cost $25. However, minors at least 14 years old and seniors 62 years and older will be charged $10.



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