An email revealed by WikiLeaks gave a behind-the-scenes look at preparations for a March 2016 campaign stop by Hillary Clinton during the primary campaign. Oren Shur, who directs paid media for Hillary for America, shared an idea with campaign manager Robby Mook on filling out a diverse crowd behind Clinton at the stop. He also wrote of generating “USA” chants to contrast with the “angry white-guy U-S-A chants” prominent at Donald Trump’s rallies.
Shur wrote that Trump “spews un-American hate talk” at his rallies, according to the hacked email released by WikiLeaks. Writing on March 7, 2016, Shur told Mook: “Just a thought … in the Miami speech, the diverse crowd behind HRC holding the little American flags was very cool–and at one point, a small U-S-A chant broke out.”
Shur wrote, “Maybe something like this is already in works, but wonder if tomorrow night, we should be more purposeful about generating the U-S-A, U-S-A chants during her riff about the need for togetherness and unity (assuming that’s still part of the speech), with people holding the little American flags–since that’s what America is really about. Would be a subtle, yet powerful, contrast to the angry white guy U-S-A chants at Trump events when he spews un-American hate talk.”
Mook answered, “I really like that.”
On March 8, a crowd behind Clinton at a rally in Cleveland, Ohio, waved small American flags while chanting “USA” just as Clinton came to the “unity” segment in her speech, as planned. It was the only time her supporters chanted during her remarks.



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