India: The Greta Garbo of Bollywood goes to Parliament, to teach "creativity"

world | May 15, 2012 | By Asia News

Mumbai (AsiaNews / Agencies) - This morning, the famous actress Rekha, the "Greta Garbo" of Bollywood, was sworn in to the Rajya Sabha (Council of States or upper house), becoming a member of Indian parliament. The President of India Pratibha Patil has also endorsed the appointment, electing the deputy from the ranks of the Congress and giving her seat n. 99. The actress arrived accompanied by Rajiv Shukla, a Member of Congress, and was forced to enter by a side entrance, due to the hundreds of fans who crowded the main entrance.

Article. 80 of the Constitution of India provides for the appointment of persons to parliament with special knowledge or practical experience in the field of literature, science, art and social services.

A native of Madras, Rekha, 57, is considered one of the best actresses of Bollywood. A real "diva", to the point of being called the "Greta Garbo" of Indian cinema, in more than 40 year career she has starred in over 180 films in Hindi and English. She has won numerous awards nationally and internationally.

In the last month, the president of India has accepted the entrance into parliament of Rajya Sabha and other well-known personalities in the country. Among these, cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, one of the best batsmen in the world, and the entrepreneur Anu Aga, former chairman of Thermax Ltd. (an energy and environmental engineering company) currently engaged in social work. According to the Forbes business magazine, in 2011, Aga was the 51st on the list of Indian billionaires.





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Source: Asia News

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