Fox News contributor Erick Erickson, an influential conservative who writes for, wrote that Fox News is no longer an instrument of conservatives. In a post that was published on Monday at his website, Erickson said that Fox News is no longer the standard-bearer for conservatives and that it has been seized by opportunists.
Erickson wrote, "The result is a movement increasingly devoid of ideas and intellectual arguments to halt the leftward drift in the nation." He continued, "Many of the voices who could are now tainted by their cheerleading of Donald Trump during the election season, making excuses for the inexcusable. Fox News, once seen as the bedrock news outlet for the right, is in a difficult stretch. The Heritage Foundation is in turmoil. And too many others are looking to cash in."
A perennial critic of President Trump, Erickson disinvited Trump from the annual RedState convention after saying that some of Trump's remarks had transgressed certain lines of "decency." Fox News has faced and is facing scandals involving accusations of sexual harassment. 



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