About 200 shouting demonstrators and activists descended on The Heritage Foundation in Washington D.C. and occupied the first floor on Tuesday to protest the think tank’s budget plan. A group calling itself “People’s Action” tweeted “We’re shutting it down because it continues to be a Donald Trump think-tank.”

The Heritage Foundation budget document is called “Blueprint for Balance” and has drawn criticisms from Democrats and leftists.

The protesters spent almost an hour at the Heritage Foundation, which is close to the Senate side of the U.S. Capitol. Some held signs reading “A Budget for the People,” “A Budget for Health Communities,” and “A Budget for Immigration.” Some chanted “Water not walls” and “shut it down” before moving outside to protest further.

On its website, People’s Action calls itself "a powerful new force for democracy and economic fairness. From family farms to big cities, from coast to coast, we’re fighting for community over greed, justice over racism, and people and planet over big corporations." It is affiliated with a number of progressive groups throughout the country.

People’s Action tweeted photos of how the protestors spent their day in the nation's capital. People’s Action planned a convention featuring socialist Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and former Obama-administration officials Van Jones as speakers on Monday, which was followed by the organized protest on Tuesday beginning at the White House.



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