According to a report from Sentier Research, real median household income in the US reached $59,361 in April. That is an increase of 2 percent since January, and is as high as it has been since February 2002. Expressed as an index, median household income was 100.9 in April, being the first time this index has gone over 100 since December 2008. This index was also lower when Barack Obama left the presidency than when he came in. In January 2009, it was at 99.2 and in January 2017 it was 98.9. It was just 1.7% higher than when the recession ended in June 2009. In 2016, Americans’ income hardly moved, according to Sentier.

Household income hits 15-year high

Expressed otherwise, the median income in the US has climbed faster during President Trump's first three months in office than it did during seven-and-a-half years of Obama's so-called economic "recovery."
Based on the Census Bureau’s Current Population survey for its annual income and poverty report, Sentier Research uses monthly income data to measure month-by-month changes in median incomes. According to the latest Sentier report, this "provides an interim measure that tracks income changes on a monthly basis."
John Merline at Investors Business Daily wrote of the news that it is “reasonable” to assume that the effect of Donald Trump’s election to the presidency and the onset of Trumpenomics may be responsible. Merline wrote that “...the promise of a sharp turn away from the growth-suffocating policies of the past eight years, led to an immediate surge in optimism among businesses and consumers. It's possible that this has made businesses more willing to hire workers, and pay them more, than they otherwise would have.” Placing the onus squarely on Congress, he wrote: “Whether these household income gains continues depends on whether Trump can get his pro-growth agenda through a Congress that is filled with Democrats who are determined to destroy his presidency, and careerist Republicans who often seem afraid of their own shadow.”



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