Evangelical pastor murdered in Nepal

religion | Nov 04, 2013 | By Martin Barillas

Christians are in mourning in the mountainous country of Nepal, following the murder of a 36-year old Evangelical Christian pastor of the 'Gospel for Asia' community in the the village of Phattepur. Reports from Nepalese Christians recount that Pastor Debalal was killed because of his faith and while he was carrying out his ministry.
It was in the middle of the night, according to reports, that Debalal was called to pray for the healing of Kumar (29). Debalal had gone to the home of Kumar on other occasions, too, and prayed for the young man's healing. It was on this last visit that Kumar suddenly attacked Debalal, slitting his throat with the traditional Nepalese weapon: a knife called "kukri" which has been made famous by Nepalese troops known as 'Gurka" in the service of Great Britain. Debalal bled to death after calling out for help. Police later apprehended the suspect.
According to local Christians, who are distinctly in the minority, aver that they are despised and persecuted by the majority Hindus. Hindu nationalism is rampant not only in Nepal but also India, where Hindu nationalists have murdered scores of Christians and burnt them out in places such as Orissa. Local sources surmise that Pastor Debalal's murderer may have been inspired by a sectarian rage. In this case, Pastor Debalal had faithfully proclaimed the Gospel to his community despite orders to stay away.
Debalal left behind a wife and two children. According to a statement released by local Christians, "We are deeply saddened. Let us pray for this family in mourning and for our brothers and sisters who share the love of Jesus in difficult situations. Many in Nepal get to know the love of Christ through the sacrifice of believers as Debalal."



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