Donald Trump's son Eric took to Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” to question two new polls that put Hillary Clinton ahead of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. Eric Trump said today, "They actually admitted to polling more Democrats than they did Republicans in that poll." The polls were released by NBC News/The Wall Street Journal and ABC News/The Washington Post over the June 25-26 weekend.
The ABC/WashPost poll put Clinton ahead 51 to 39 percent, while the NBC/WSJ poll put Trump about 5 points behind Clinton. Trump’s son said that there are "hundreds and hundreds of thousands of Democrats and independents who went over to register during the primaries," and that the campaign’s momentum is "tremendous."
Trump's son defended the candidate’s decision to fly to Scotland to open his new Turnberry golf course, telling the show that his father was there to support him. Young Trump said that his father was not there to use the UK referendum on leaving the EU to promote his business interests, despite claims by the Clinton campaign. "Hillary tried to spin it like he was out there playing golf," Eric Trump told Fox News. "He was supporting me, no different than [when] I go to every debate to support him. That's what we do for each other."
The vote to leave the EU has parallels in the US, said Eric Trump, who said his father “called it right." He said, "I spent a tremendous amount of time over there, and it's very much the same as the sentiment of the U.S. right now," Trump continued. "They want borders. They want security. They want jobs. They want faith.” Trump continued, "These are the same things that are happening in the United States right now. The fact that our leaders are missing these cues from the people, with our greatest allies is astonishing."
As for Hillary Clinton, Trump said, "This is a secretary of state, supposed to be representing the United States interests abroad."
"She's supposed to have her finger on the pulse of what's going on and once again she got it wrong. No different than she got it in Libya, in Syria in Iraq and just about everywhere else we have gone into."



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