If you’re like most people, you have leadership responsibilities in dozens of areas in your life, your church, your home, the workplace, your community, or even in your community.  Well-known leadership author and one of America’s top motivational speakers, Pat Williams believes we can improve our leadership influence by studying the lives of great leaders. 
Williams is a basketball Hall-of-Famer.  As one of America’s top motivational speakers he has always enjoyed people who have a vision.  Williams has found 21 leaders that he feels can improve our lives.  His latest book is entitled “21 Great Leaders: Learn their Lessons, Improve your Influence.” Said Williams, “These are men and women of vision.  Abraham Lincoln’s vision: one nation. Winston Churchill’s vision: a world free of Nazi oppression. Ronald Reagan’s vision was a world without communism.”
Williams teaches an adult Sunday school class at First Baptist Church in Orlando and believes pastors must have a vision. He is currently serving as a vice president of the NBA’s Orlando Magic basketball franchise.   “Take any pastor we admire or respect, or in trying to teach a young pastor, they have to have a vision of where that church is headed. ‘What’s the mission here?’ and then can I communicate this vision and not just preaching, not just teaching the Bible, but can I communicate to people what we want out of this. Pastors have to constantly be alert, be very very careful, to not have any character breakdowns. Competence? Yeah, you got to work at it. You can be constantly working it, and studying it, and improving as a leader all the time."
Whether it’s a pastor, a business executive or a coach that person must be a leader.  A great leader can also leave a lasting legacy even after they’re gone. Williams has discovered seven things that really matter as the reader of “21 Great Leaders” will discover. Said Williams, “Seven things one must do to be a leader, right and true: Have Vision that is strong and clear; Communicate so they can hear; Have people skills based in love; Character that is far above; the Competence to solve and teach; and Boldness that has Fearless reach; a Serving Heart that stands close by to Help, Assist, and Edify.”   
Spero contributor John Clemens is a veteran newscaster of four decades who also reports for the USA Headline News on radio stations nationwide..



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