Eye-popping new evidence is shining a new light on one of the most disputed cases of the entire Catholic Church abuse narrativeof the last two decades. Rev. Gordon J. MacRae, a Roman Catholic priest, was sentenced to 33½ to 67 years, has been in the New Hampshire state prison since 1994 on sexual abuse charges. However, signed statements offered in a recent court motion may prove that his principal accuser, Thomas Grover, fabricated accusations against the priest in order to extract money from the Catholic Church.  Grover's former stepson said of the accuser, "On several occasions, Grover told me that he had never been molested by MacRae."

 Other persons who were close to the accuser were equally dismissive of Grover’s veracity. Grover's former wife declared that he is a "compulsive liar" and a "manipulator" who "can tell a lie and stick to it 'til its end." Most notably, Grover "never stated one word of abuse by [MacRae]." A former friend of Grover and accuser who recanted, was to declare that he knew "full well that it was [all] bogus … I did not want to lie or make up stories."

Others involved in the case are coming out of the woodwork. A former substance-abuse counselor for Grover said that the accuser claimed abuse "by so many disparate people that his credibility in the [counseling] program was seriously in doubt". Moreover, said the counsellor, Grover seemed like "he was going for some kind of sexual abuse victim world record." Plus, according to a story on TheMediaReport.com, aggressive New Hampshire detectives applied "coercion, intimidation, veiled and more forward threats" and "threats of arrest" upon the counselor to try to extract a false incrimination of MacRae from her.

 Courtroom spectators during Fr. MacRae's 1994 trial also claim that a therapist hired by Grover's contingency lawyer used hand signals from the back of the courtroom to coach Grover on the witness stand. A former FBI officer concluded,  after three-year private investigation "I discovered no evidence of MacRae having committed the crimes charged, or any other crimes."

 Grover’s criminal past includes multiple arrests, before and after trial, including multiple forgeries, thefts, burglaries, and assault on a police officer (after breaking his future ex-wife's nose). The jury at the trial never heard any of this.

Rev. MacRae and attorneys have filed a motion for a new trial in New Hampshire based on the astonishing new declarations. He is a columnist for Spero News and blogs at TheseStoneWalls.com



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