Herschel Walker -- an NFL stand-out and Heisman Trophy winner -- is demanding that CNN should dismiss its evening show host, Don Lemon, over the latter’s hijinks when guests on his show made derogatory remarks about rapper Kanye West on Tuesday evening. Other observers of the controversial “CNN Tonight” segment have criticized it for its perceived racism. 

On Thursday, West met with Trump in the Oval Office to discuss prison reform, as well as criminal violence in his hometown, Chicago. Wearing a red “MAGA” cap, West proclaimed that he loves Trump while also decrying “liberals” who seek to keep black voters by descrying “racism” among their opponents. 

In advance of the Oval Office meeting, Lemon asked on his show whether Trump is “using Kanye as a prop to win over black voters before the midterms.” CNN personality Bakari Sellers responded, saying: “Anti-intellectualism simply isn’t cool.” Sellers added, “Kanye West is what happens when Negros don’t read.”

Lemon laughed at the remark, and was joined by panelist Tara Setmayer, who said of West: “He’s an attention whore, like the president. He’s all of a sudden now the model spokesperson. He’s the token negro of the Trump administration.” The panelists also suggested that West may have mental health issues. On Thursday, Lemon called West’s visit to the White House a “minstrel show.”

Football legend Herschel Walker, who has been outspoken in his support for Trump, tweeted his disapproval of the disparaging remarks for West. He tweeted: “Went to bed appalled over Don Lemon's despicable behavior laughing at Tara Setmayer and Bakari Sellers' awful remarks about Kanye West’s visit with [Trump]! Woke up wondering why CNN doesn’t take all three off the air?”  He added the hashtag "#Shameful."

On Twitter, Setmayer responded to Walker: “Bless your heart… You want to silence me because I expressed a different opinion than yours? Because I called out Kanye for what he is? Uninformed! I’m an actual conservative, who’s worked on policy advancing those principles for 20-plus years. I’ll never be a shill for Trump.”

Walker gave it back to Setmayer, writing on Twitter. “No...Tara Setmayer, anyone that is African American with an opinion different than yours, you want to call them out by using the N-word and Don Lemon is laughing? To me that’s bullying and shameful," he replied.

Journalist Deroy Murdock also denounced the remarks. He said: “These reprehensible, racist comments on CNN are typical of the Trump-hating left.” He went on to say: “Black Americans who think for ourselves are mocked and degraded with words we last saw under Jim Crow. If President Trump had no black supporters, they would call his circle 'lily white.'” Murdock said,  "Now, one of America's most prominent black entertainers praises and visits the president, and he is trivialized as a 'token' who 'doesn't read.'”

Murdock went on to add that the “only silver lining in this vile cloud is that the supposedly bigoted Trump presidency has delivered the lowest black unemployment in American history.”




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