Ever wonder why going to university nowadays can leave parents broke, or kids with a mountain of debt? If you or your kid is planning to attend Rice University in Houston, be prepared to pony up $46,600 for tuition. If your kid needs to eat and prefers to sleep indoors, your total tab for the year will be $61,350.

But you can rest assured that your life’s savings will be put to good use by Rice University, funding such important research as the forthcoming report, “Kicks Hurt Less: Discrimination Predicts Distress Beyond Trauma Among Undocumented Mexican Immigrants.” Sorry, no hyperlink is available, so if you just can’t wait to read the report you’ll have to pick up the latest edition of the American Psychological Association’s journal Psychology of Violence.

Spoiler alert: This Rice University research report found that “69 percent of undocumented Mexicans living in high-risk neighborhoods near the California-Mexico border reported interpersonal discrimination due to being undocumented.” Full disclosure: I didn’t read the report myself – I got that information from the press release.

Not to make light of people’s emotional distress – but most assuredly to make light of Rice University’s absurd and expensive waste of resources – the report comes to the startling conclusion that people who violate U.S. immigration laws feel stigmatized for breaking our laws.

I can hardly wait for Rice University’s next groundbreaking research report, “Speeders Feel Discriminated Against for Driving Too Fast.”

Ira Mehlman writes for the Federation of Americans for Immigration Reform.



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