Despite a murder charge against her estranged husband, mystery still hovers over the disappearance of a mother of six in Houston. On September 7, 30-year-old Jennifer Marie Sanchez, 39, told her son she would soon return to their home after stepping outside. She was never seen alive again by her grieving family. 

Law enforcement officer quickly focused on Joey L Sanchez, the estranged husband who had been due to appear in court to answer to two charges of domestic violence. He had been ordered to stay away from his wife.

After Sanchez was arrested last week for violating the terms of his bond, he was arrested one week after Jennifer Sanchez went missing. While Sanchez has been charged with capital murder, the victim’s body has yet to be found. 

Ofelia Gomez, mother of the deceased, told local WTRK News, "She hid the violence from us for so long." Gomez added that her daughter told her recently: “‘Mom, I can't let him do this to anyone else.'"

In Texas, first degree homicide is dubbed capital murder and can merit capital punishment.

Gomez told local Click 2 News that she is confident that Sanchez is culpable for the disappearance. “I know he did it,” said Gomez. “She was going to court on September 20th and she had a restraining order on him,” said Gomez. Characterizing the disappearance as an act of retaliation on Sanchez's part, Gomez said that Sanchez called from an unknown number after Jennifer Sanchez disappeared. “He told me, Ms. Gomez.  I’m sorry for Jennifer and hung up on me,” she said.



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