WARNING: graphic photo ahead.
A mother’s nightmare became a reality when a child screamed in pain and alarm. In the middle of the night, an Australian mother woke to hear her six-year-old son’s screams. What she found would haunt anyone’s dreams for life.
Known only as Tammy on her Facebook page, the mother ran to son Tyler’s bunk bed in their family home in Macksville, New South Wales. She found that a 10-foot long python had sunk its teeth and jaws into her son’s face and head. 
Tammy grabbed the reptile and pulled it off Tyler’s face. A family friend, Craig Baker, then killed the snake. The little boy was taken to Macksville District Hospital before being transferred to Coffs Harbour hospital. Fortunately, he was discharged from physicians’ care later that morning.
An Australian veterinarian, Narre Warre, told Daily Mail Australia, "The hotter the day, the more active the snakes are – definitely.” Australia is in the midst of its summer. Warre added, “It’s a very hot season...There’s also a lot of new developments so the snakes don’t have the habitat that they used to have, so they’re basically moving into people’s backyards." Over the last few weeks, there have been a spate of reports of snake attacks and sightings.
On Feb. 22, Daily Mail Australia reported that a woman in Terrey Hills found an enormous six-foot long  diamond python sunning itself on her deck. She had seen plenty of wildlife in the past at her property, but never a snake of this size.



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