In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter today, radio personality Michael Reagan opined that Donald Trump is running an ineffective campaign. It is hard for this son of two-term President Ronald Reagan to thus envision a win for the Republican nominee. Reluctantly, Reagan predicts a win for Hillary Clinton.
Reagan, however, is a Trump supporter, “with reservations.” As to whether he is endorsing Trump, Reagan said, “I’m voting for him over Hillary Clinton. But I would like to see the Libertarians be allowed into the debate. Between the three major parties, the Libertarians are the only adults in the room.”
As to whether he is endorsing Trump, Reagan said that while he will vote for Trump, even though he is “running a terrible campaign.” To support Trump, Reagan says he posts ideas on his Twitter account, “I’m just trying to help him get to the next level.”
Admitting that he has received frequent criticisms about his posture towards Trump, he said “The people who support Trump on social media are psychotic.” 
When asked whether Trump has anything in common with President Reagan, he answered: “Absolutely nothing.”  
As to whether the media are covering Trump fairly, Reagan said, “No, but they never covered Ronald Reagan fairly, either. Conservatives gripe and bitch about the mainstream media, but that’s not new news. You have to find your way around them with a great message. Ronald Reagan had that great message. But Donald Trump would be better off if, really, seriously, they locked him in a closet until Nov. 9 and let his kids campaign for him.”
Speaking about Hillary Clinton, Reagan said, “No one can put their finger on anything she actually accomplished.”
“This whole thing has been a process to reach the presidency. The foreign policy under her as secretary of state has been abysmal. She is a trainwreck when it comes to international policy and keeping America safe.” 
But when asked what the outcome of the election will be, Reagan was pessimistic. When The Hollywood Reporter asked:
Give me a prediction for the election. Who will win?
Reagan answered, “If things don’t change, Hillary.”
When asked whether he had any advice for Trump, Reagan answered: “Quit looking for applause and start looking for votes.”



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