More information is coming today out of Brussels where separate bombings struck the Belgian capital today. Following a suicide bombing at Brussels international airport, there were bombings at a rail station near the U.S. embassy and EU facilities in the city.
Current estimates indicate that 20 persons were killed at the Maelbeek rail station, which is close to NATO facilities, and another 40 were killed at the airport. Media reports indicate that a Kalashnikov rifle was found on the scene where a suicide bomber detonated as many as two explosive devices in the area near the American Airlines check-in counter. The murderer fired several rounds from his weapon before detonating. There are indications that he also detonated a suitcase bomb.
The Islamic State terror organization has developed a Twitter hashtag “#BrusselsOnFire” in much the same way that a similar tag emerged in the aftermath of the terror attacks in Paris last year. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the terror in Brussels. Troops have sealed the borders to prevent the escape of terrorists. Police and troops are conducting house to house searches in the vicinity of the bombing at Maelbeek.
On Fox & Friends, Republican candidate Donald Trump said in a telephone conversation, “I’ve been talking about this for a long time. Brussels was a beautiful place.” Trump said “Zero crime, and now it’s a disaster city. It’s a total disaster and we have to be very careful… as to who we allow into this country.” He also shared his sentiments on Twitter.
Republican candidate Ted Cruz, while primary voters are headed to the polls in Utah and Arizona, also decried the bombing and pointed to Islamism as the culprit.
As to the admission of migrants from the Middle East, Trump said of the threat they may pose to security, “It’s going to get worse and worse. It’s already happening big-league in Paris.” Trump said, “They’re not assimilating well into other countries,” in reference to migrants who have entered countries such as Belgium and Germany.
Retired U.S. Admiral James Stavridis, the former commander of NATO forces, said on Fox that Islamic terrorism is a “huge problem” that should be addressed with “hard power”: cyber surveillance, amping up the bombing campaign in Iraq and Syria, building a coalition that includes cooperative Arab nations, build Arab intelligence capacity to support forces of 15,000 U.S. troops in Iraq and another 10,000 in Afghanistan. “We have not done this,” he said. Currently, said Stavridis, Arab country provide a little support with the air campaign, special forces, and intelligence.
Retired Gen. Michael Flynn told Fox “First thing we have to do is stop apologizing. This is a political ideology wrapped in a false cloak of Islamist ideology…We apologize as though we are after a religious idea. We are after a political ideology…We need to deal with this in a far more mature way…There will be more counterattacks. We have to stop kidding ourselves of what we are facing.” 
Stavridis said that terrorism is not an isolated problem, while pointing to the connected events in California, France, and Belgium. Referring to the Obama administration, he said “We are void of us leadership. It is just not there.” “We need to have a direct discussion with Russia. They have a problem,” too said Stavridis. “This is a global war. Islamists have declared war on us,” he said while saying the U.S. and the West should not merely address the symptoms of terrorism. “It is time for a new administration. Elections have consequences.”



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