On Friday, Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe released another undercover video that assails the credibility of the CNN network. The video records that CNN Associate Producer Jimmy Carr expresses his hatred for President Donald Trump and asserts that others in his network feel the same way. “On the inside, we all recognize he is a clown, that he is hilariously unqualified for this, he’s really bad at this and that he does not have America’s best interests. We recognize he’s just f*cking crazy.”

Carr goes on to say, “Here’s the deal, this is a man who’s not actually a Republican… He just adopted that because that was the party he thought he could win in. He doesn’t believe anything that these people believe.”

Citing a laundry list of objections to the president, Carr said that “90% of us are on board with just the fact that he’s crazy.” The CNN employee did not stint at sharing his vitriol. He insulted White House adviser Kellyanne Conway, who was the first woman to chair a successful presidential campaign, and then said American voters are “stupid as shit.”


Earlier in the week, one of O’Keefe’s video recorded another CNN official admitting that ratings, rather than accurate reporting, are CNN’s main concern. In the video featuring Carr, that concern was underlined. Carr said, “It’s decisions made by people higher than me and if they go wow, your ratings are soaring right now, keep up what you’re doing. Well, what we’re doing is Russia, ISIS, London terror, shooting in Chicago, that’s it.”


An undercover video released by Project Veritas earlier this week included remarks by CNN producer John Bonifield, who admitted that the narrative of Trump’s campaign supposedly colluding with Russian is “mostly B.S.” and an effort to garner ratings hatched by CNN CEO Jeff Zucker. Bonifield also admitted that he has seen no evidence of crimes supposedly committed by Trump. He said, “But all the nice cutesy little ethics that used to get talked about in journalism school, you’re just like, that’s adorable. That’s adorable. This is a business.”
On Wednesday, O’Keefe released footage of CNN host Van Jones (a commentator of leftist leanings who served in the Obama administration), who said that the narrative about Russia and Trump is “a big nothing burger.” In an op-ed at CNN, Jones called the video a hoax made by a “con man” who produces “highly edited right wing propaganda.” Jones wrote, “[F]or those of you unfamiliar with James O’Keefe and his misnamed  “Project Veritas,” here’s a helpful recap: James O’Keefe is a notorious con man whose infamy arises from his addiction to pulling the same media stunts, over and over again.”




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