During the January 17 Democratic presidential debate, both Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley launched attacks on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Sanders took exception to what he called Trump’s “racist” and “anti-Muslim” rhetoric and  denounced what he called Trump’s “fascist appeals” to limit immigration by Muslims to the United States. 
O’Malley spoke to the need for reuniting Americans despite deep divisions over the economy and immigration. "This is the biggest challenge we face as a people," he said. "All my life I brought people together over – over deep divides and – and very old wounds. And that’s what we need now in a new leader. We cannot keep talking past each other, declaring all Republicans our enemies or the war is all about being against millionaires or billionaires or it’s all against American Muslims or all against immigrants. Look, it’s Frederick Douglass [who] said, ‘We are one. Our cause is one. And we must help each other if we’re going to succeed.’”
Sanders responded, “I respectfully disagree with my friend over here. And that is you are right. All of us have denounced Trump, attempt to divide this country, the anti-Latino rhetoric, the racist rhetoric, the anti-Muslim rhetoric. But where I disagree with you, Governor O’Malley is I do believe we have to deal with the fundamental issues of a handful of billionaires...”
In speaking about the threat of domestic terrorism, and its relationship to foreign terrorist organizations such as the Islamic State (ISIL), O’Malley identified Trump as an enemy. O’Malley said “If Donald Trump wants to start a registry in our country of people by faith, he can start with me, and I will sign up as one who is totally opposed to his fascist appeals that wants to vilify American Muslims. That can do more damage to our democracy than any...” 
As for Trump himself, while he normally posts on Twitter during such events, he posted no tweets during the debate.
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stayed away from attacking Trump, unlike previous debates where she called him a racist.



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