Continued funding endangered for innovative Paraguayan university

politics | Nov 27, 2013 | By Peter Tase

On November 26, Dr. Victor Britez Chamorro, the Chancellor of Paraguay’s Universidad Nacional del Este (UNE) and Secretary General Julio Cesar Meaurio were joined by other academic leaders in Spain as part of the SUMA project.
SUMA is an international project with a focus on sustainable financial management of Latin American universities, financed by European Union.  The  project has addressed financial models for higher education institutions since its inception in 2011, while working closely with 18 Latin American and 4 European Universities.  SUMA provides support in other areas such as alternative revenue generation,  information systems and human capital in financial management.
The agenda of the meeting began with a keynote address on “Challenges of financial administration of universities” and “Presentation of SUMA working plan and consortium, 2011-2014.” This was followed on November 27th with an inter-regional working session addressing  financial administration of higher education institutions. The delegates took an extensive tour of Universidad de Alicante in Spain and its science facilities.
On Nov. 28th, the various chancellors will hear about the experience of Argentina’s Universidad Nacional del Litoral, the impact of the SUMA project on financial administration at Universidad Industrial of Santander, Spain, as well as academic administration reforms in Italy as modeled by the Universitá di Genova. After the presentations, the chancellors will sign several multilateral agreements and discuss their universities’ socio-economic contributions. Before departing, the delegations will visit facilities at Universidad de Alicante.
Located in Paraguay’s business-oriented Ciudad del Este, which is close to the country’s borders with Argentina and Brazil, Universidad Nacional del Este has promoted innovative research solutions and investigation in entrepreneurship, engineering, nursing, education and social science for the last 16 years. Led by Chancellor Britez Chamorro, UNE is a magnet in areas of research such as: food industry, information science and agriculture.
Last month, UNE hosted a conference on science and technological research that brought together more than 500 students from Paraguay and abroad. According to the Chancellor Britez Chamorro, “These regional conferences emboldens innovation among students, and they are highly encouraged to continue their study in their respective areas of engineering.”
UNE is going through difficult financial times. The Paraguayan Ministry of Finance has prolonged the transfer of funds to UNE, thus threatening its continued existence. 



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