India: Day for Life in India: woman burnt alive by her husband for giving birth to two girls

world | Mar 26, 2012 | By Asia News

Mumbai - More than 400 people attended a demonstration in Mumbai to celebrate the Day for Life, yesterday. Organized by the Diocesan Commission for Human Life (DHLC), the event began with a Mass presided by the Cdvu Chairman Mgr. Agnelo Gracias. Meanwhile, however, in a village in West Bengal, a woman was burnt alive by her husband. For the man and his family, Rupali Bibi, 25, was "guilty" of having given birth to two daughters and no male. The victim's father reported the murder to the Khargram police station, saying that the groom's family had long planned to kill her. Currently, the murderers are on the run, but the police superintendent Humayun Kabir said that "none of them will be spared."

An India with two faces, says Dr. Pascoal Carvalho, a member of the Pontifical Academy for Life, that "along with economic progress, sees growing a culture of death. To be able to fight this, governments, religious leaders, NGOs, youth groups, unions, educational institutions and media must work together, to promote a culture of life. It's a shame that in cities that are changing like Indian ones, there are still cases of female infanticide and feticide. Or, as in the case of Rupali Bibi, a woman burned at the stake because she gave birth to a girl. "

The 2011 census, the doctor adds, "has revealed a shocking imbalance between the number of males and females, the worst since independence. This is really disturbing, and some states of the country have already seen the consequences." The data reveal that the ratio between the number of female and male births (sex ratio) is 940 women per 1,000 men. Recent studies predict that at this rate, over the next 20 years India will have 20% more men than women.

"The Day for Life - said Mgr. Agnelo Gracias, DHLC President - explains that it is in giving that we receive. Being pro-life does not mean self-expression but self-sacrifice. Our life is like a candle . When lit, it burns and disappears quickly. But in this process, it gives light. Jesus died on the cross to give us life. This is the paradox: life through death. "




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