According to a release from Catholic Citizens of Illinois, an advocacy group based in La Grange IL, millions of Catholics are opposing what it terms a "a blasphemous and anti-Catholic promotion of an October "Special" hamburger called GHOST."
A popular Chicago-based restaurant, Kuma's Corner, has been criticized for featuring a $17.00 gourmet hamburger, garnished with an unconsecrated host and a red wine sauce, Christians are incensed about the controversial hamburger because red wine and wafers are believed by Christians to become mystically the body and blood of Jesus Christ during the Mass or Divine Liturgy. The "Ghost" burger is named after a Swedish heavy metal band now touring the country who wear religious attire and skeleton makeup. Kuma's names its hamburgers after heavy metal bands and promotes the Swedish band.
The restaurant posted the following on their Facebook page: "In the spirit of our undying reverence for the lord and all things holy, we give you the Ghost which we think is a fitting tribute to the supreme blasphemous activities carried out by the band itself." According to Catholic Citizens of Illinois, Luke Tobias, Kuma's Corner director of operations, said the restaurant never wanted to offend anyone. He said reaction has been a "mixed bag," but more positive than negative. "There are people who are offended by it, but we're delighted to see that generally people seem to have a sense of humor," Tobias said.
Kuma's Corner is located at 2900 W. Belmont Ave., Chicago, IL 60618. Its telephone number is 773-604-8769.
Catholic Citizens of Illinois suggested that those opposing the 'Ghost' hamburger to contact the restaurant. The group also suggests contacting Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, City Hall, 121 N. LaSalle Street, Chicago, Illinois 60602 - 312-744-5000. The group asked, "Remembering Mr. Emanuel's words during the Chic-fil-A's recent controversy - "Chick-fil-A's values are not Chicago values," Are Kuma's values Chicago values?"



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