Freshman Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas said that he will not rule out or “rule in” a chance to run as the running mate of presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump in the coming general election. In an interview with U.S. News & World Report, the 38-year-old former Army captain spoke about the possibilities he is being offered:
Q: Would you accept an offer to be Trump’s running mate?
A: (Laughs) I haven’t seen it floated out there. Like I said I’ve been focusing my political work on making sure that we hold the Senate and focus the rest of the time on my son.
Q: So that’s not ruling it out?
A: I wouldn’t rule it in either.
Q: So you’ll be voting for Donald Trump in November?
A: I’ve said all along, I’ll support the nominee, because we can’t afford another term of the Obama-Clinton foreign policy or for that matter, economic policy at home. And now Donald Trump’s the presumptive nominee. So we obviously need to do some work to unify around our common and shared principles and Donald’s got the responsibility and opportunity to do that in the coming weeks.



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