Echoing the nationalism of President Donald Trump, the new prime minister of Poland --  Mateusz Morawiecki -- called on fellow Poles to “reclaim Poland” from globalism. In a speech to the lower house of Poland’s parliament, Morawiecki said recently that he wants to decrease the Central European country’s dependence on foreign capital, which he said has allowed foreign interested to “colonise the country.” Morawiecki said, "This is a struggle for Polish property and Polish capital," adding, "I’m asking everyone for help. Let’s reclaim Poland together."

"Our program is willing to build a country that is proud of its strong economy, with financially secured families, a country that is admired and respected by others, a cheerful country that evenly distributes the fruits of its development."

Morawiecki said that his country should shift from a “capitalism of consumption on credit” that was put into place by foreign interests in the 1990’s to a “capitalism of savings and investments.” He vowed to defend free market principles for Polish enterprises. "Micro, small and medium sized enterprises that maintain millions of Polish citizens are at the heart of our economic philosophy. I have an important message for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs — all honest entrepreneurs can expect to be protected by law and to be granted equal terms of competition," he said.

With regard to wider European issues, he said that he will protect Poland’s national identity and traditional values against the EU's “refugee relocation” schemes. "Europe needs to return to real values — the values that are spoken of today, increasingly contradict the traditional values and natural law," he said. "Each day we hear a mantra on European values, that sometimes are not even mentioned anymore, because they increasingly contradict their past meaning; they contradict natural law or traditional values and the Republic is one of Europe's greatest traditions; it is one of the greatest traditions of tolerance and democracy."

"Other solutions are required and we want to take part in this discussion," Morawiecki said in reference to the resettlement of migrants. 

Much like Trump, Morawiecki reaffirmed a commitment to his own country’s energy sector and fossil fuels. While he admitted that he favors research and new technologies, he rejects the “climate change agenda” of the EU bureaucrats in Brussels. "For the sake of our future generations we would like to make sure that alternative energies can be freely developed in Poland as well. Not in the name of ideology, but on condition that such a strategy is economically justified and profitable for Poland, not cost-generating," he said, adding that national energy security is a 'key requirement of sovereignty.'

In an allusion to the speech delivered in Warsaw this summer, in which President Trump said "A strong Poland is a blessing to the nations of Europe," Morawiecki praised his country’s alliance with the United States, which includes a working relationship between the Polish cabinet and the Trump administration. One of the fruits of the growing relationship between the U.S. and Poland was the sale of thousands of tons of coal to Poland that came from the U.S., largely from West Virginia. 



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