According to federal court documents, Daniela Greene -- an FBI translator who once held a “top secret” security clearance and hired to spy on a German member of the Islamic State -- instead went to Syria where she married the terrorist. Born in Czechoslovakia, Greene married an American soldier and began working for the FBI in 2011. She exhibited no problems until her disappearance in June 2014.
Prosecutors allege that Greene told her colleagues at the FBI office in Detroit in 2014 that she was traveling to Germany to visit her parents for a few week. However, Green instead went to Turkey to meet Denis Cuspert, a former German rapper who became a notorious terrorist who went by the epithet “Deso Dogg.”
In 2015, Cuspert was designated a terrorist by the State Department. Described as a recruiter for the Islamic State who sought German-speaking militants, Cuspert appeared in a number of videos produced by the terror organization. In at least one of these, Cuspert was depicted holding the severed head of an enemy of the Islamic State.
Also known as Abu Talh Al-Almani, it is not known how Cuspert seduced Greene. Testimony offered in court showed that they may have communicated with each other privately via Skype in exchanged Greene did not report to the FBI. As soon as she arrived in Syria, Green married Cuspert on June 27, 2014. However, after an apparent change of heart, the 38-year-old Green wrote in an email posted from within Islamic State-controlled territory to a friend in July 2014 "I really made a mess of things this time." Seeking a way out of her predicament, she wrote in a subsequent email. "I don't know how long I will last here, but it doesn't matter, it's all a little too late." Green realized that she faced years of imprisonment should she return to the West. 
It is not clear according to court documents how Greene manage to escape the Islamic State. By early August, Greene returned to the United States and was arrested. Green immediately confessed to her desertion, beginning her cooperation with American law enforcement. In support of a lenient sentence, an investigator wrote that Greene’s cooperation "was significant, long-running and substantial." 
Greene pleaded guilty to one charge of "making false statements involving international terrorism” on the basis of what she told her FBI employers about her overseas travel plans.  She was given a prison sentence of just two months and was released in August 2016. 
John Kirby, a former State Department official, told CNN’s “AC 36)” “It’s a stunning embarrassment for the FBI, no doubt about it.” On Monday evening, Kirby said on the program, “For her to be able to get in as an American, as a woman, as an FBI employee and to be able to take up residence with a known ISIS leader, that all had to be coordinated.” 


⦁ 2011: Greene is hired by the FBI as a linguist. Born in Czechoslovakia, raised in Germany, and married to a U.S. soldier.
⦁ January 2014: Greene investigates “Individual A” for the FBI.
⦁ June 2014: While still married to a U.S. serviceman, Greene flies on a one-way ticket to Istanbul. Thereupon, she traveled to Syria and marries Denis Cuspert.
⦁ July 2014:. Greene emailed that she was in the wrong: “I was weak and didn’t know how to handle anything anymore. I really made a mess of things this time.”
⦁ August 2014: A federal warrant is issued for Greene’s arrest. She escapes Syria by her own efforts and is taken into U.S. custody.
⦁ December 2014: Greene secretly pleads guilty.
⦁ February 2015: German newspapers publish details of the story, but mistakenly report that Cusperti was tricked into the marriage as part of an FBI operation.
⦁ May 2015: A judge unseals portions of Greene’s case.
⦁ August 2016: Greene is released from a federal prison.
Greene has refused, out of fear of putting her family in danger, requests from the media to provide further details about her case. According to an FBI statement, the agency has taken “several steps in a variety of areas to identify and reduce security vulnerabilities. The FBI continues to strengthen protective measures in carrying out its vital work.”
Denis Cusper (a.k.a. Deso Dogg, a.k.a. Talha al-Almani) survived an airstrike near Raqqa, Syria, in an October 2015 and remains at large. He was declared a Specially Designated Global Terrorist by the State Department in February 2015.



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