In an age where marketing and technology are used to game the system and make a profit, it should be no surprise that developers are promoting an app to help illegal aliens cross the border between Mexico and the United States.

A soon-to-be launched app promising to do just that is creating a stir on the Internet. The app, called Bienvenidos (Welcome), says it can deliver "real-time information" to enable immigrants to elude U.S. Border Patrol agents and evade natural hazards on the illegal journey into the U.S.

The goal, according to a YouTube introductory video on the site, is to make "immigration easier and safer for those looking to enter or re-enter the United States" and "to make border crossing simpler and easier, improving the quality of everyone's journey." It also claims to be able to warn illegal aliens of natural hazards and obstacles like heat waves, dangerous river crossings, and wild animals.

Many illegal immigrants carry cheap burner cell phones with them, but would they risk using a cell phone if doing so could possibly alert Border Control officers to their location? Or, if the illegal immigrants are so desperate would they even be able to afford a phone?



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