Failed presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) unleashed a series of accusations against President-elect Donald Trump in public radio station WAMC. He told OnPoint host Tom Ashbrook that he and his progressive confreres are preparing to take Trump head-on. “We need to organize in a way that we have never organized before,” Sanders said. “We need to bring working people all across this country — black, white, Latino, Asian American, Native American — together to tell Mr. Trump that will not tolerate the formation of an oligarchy in this country.”
While in a statement he released on the day after the election Sanders offered some issues on which progressives might find commonality with Trump, in the interview he claimed that Trump will endanger Social Security, Medicare, and other programs dear to middle-class Americans. He told Ashbrook today, “There are issues that of course we’re gonna work with him.,” Sanders said. “Our infrastructure is crumbling. If Trump comes up with a reasonable proposal, of course that’s something we should work together on….” As for trade agreements, Sanders said that he is willing to cooperate with Trump on negotiating new accords and encourage investment in America.
However, Sanders remains intransigent about other issues. “On virtually every issue, we’ve gotta be in vigorous opposition,” Sanders said. “We have got to mobilize people and use the resources that we have in the Congress to stop those ugly attacks against immigrants, Muslims. We cannot compromise one inch in terms of bigotry.”
“We can defeat Trump, we can stop his ugly initiatives,” Sanders said, “we can push forward some progressive initiatives, if we are effective at organizing and mobilizing millions of people....”
In answering a call from Michigan, where he defeated Hillary Clinton in the primaries, in which the caller asked what to do to resist Trump, Sanders said, “We’re going to announce it in a day or two that there will be demonstrations all across this country on January 14, specifically, in opposition to the Trump administration’s proposals to cut Medicare and Medicaid and threaten Social Security. And they will be all across this country. We’ll more information out.” He urged the listener to go to his website for further information. Hinting a more direct action, Sanders said “It’s not just demonstrations, there’s 100 ways that we can act. We’ve gotta be creative, we gotta be thoughtful. But the bottom line is that, if we stand together, I think we can effectively take on his ugly ideas and fight for a progressive vision for this country.” 
In addition, Sanders predicted that Trump’s nominations to “key agencies” will be the flashpoint for progressive action. 



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