Abortion providers in Spain are in the spotlight again after personal information, along with the remains of aborted babies, were discovered just a few yards away from an abortion clinic in Madrid. A file was discovered for “María” – (her real name was not reported) – who had come to the clinic for her third abortion. In the file were found her personal information as well as her mobile telephone number just days after she had undergone the procedure.
According to the Spanish daily, ABC, files were found for seven abortion clinics in Madrid, Catalonia (the capital of which is Barcelona), Navarre, and Aragon. Following the discovery, La Vida Importa – a Spanish pro-life group – has issued a complaint to Commander of the Civil Guard of Tres Cantos: a township just outside of the Spanish capital. According to a December 17 report, the charge was given over to the Crime Unit of the Civil Guard.
Working in concert, the Christian Lawyers Association of Spain announced that it will issue complaints within the next few days to the Spanish Agency for Data Protection against three abortion providers in Madrid:  Clínica Dator-Partner Line, Clínica Ginecológica Callao, Clínica El Bosque, as well as Clínica AMEC in Zaragoza – a city in the Spanish province of Aragon. The association says it will also issue complaints to the health department of Aragon.
Besides the personal information of the women who had resorted to abortion at the clinics, investigators found “human remains and instruments that are under very strict guidelines that were presumably ignored.” The lawyers association says it will also issue a complaint to authorities with competence in the area of the disposal of human bodies. In a note to the press, the association said “This is a work of compilation without precedent that will have an impact on administrative, civil, and criminal responsibilities.”
La Vida Importa conducted the investigation and gathering of data. In a note, the organization asserted that “high levels of the Ministry of Interior have been aware of these facts for several months, without having taken any action until now; thus, what is now being studied is the issuance of a complaint for failure of duty in pursuing crime.”
The personal information that La Vida Importa found in the waste containers in question include names of the women, clinical histories, national identity number, number of previous abortions, surgery information, and even photocopies of family albums. 
The Christian Lawyers Association of Spain believes that these are “very grave” infractions of the law, noting that “very sensitive” information was simply thrown into a waste bin. It said that Article 7 of Spain’s Organic Law for Data Protection establishes that abortion clinics have a responsibility to safeguard such information. The law establishes that fines of up to 600,000 euros can be charged. A conviction can even earn up to four years in prison.



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