A member of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s coalition government said that Islam is incompatible with German values. Deputy Leader Alexander Dobrindt of the Christian Democrat Union-Christian Social Union (CDU/CSU) -- the largest party in the Bundestag -- told Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung “Islam has no cultural roots in Germany and with Sharia as a legal system, it has nothing in common with our Judeo-Christian heritage.” Dobrindt said, “Our ideas of tolerance and charity, freedom and equality, cannot be found in the Islamic world. These values are exactly the reason why so many people want to live with us.” 

While he noted that migration from Christian countries to Muslim ones is nearly non-existent, Dobrindt said that he wants to exclude Muslims, who number about 5 million in Germany, but targets their religion, which he said, “has failed to produce a democratic culture in the Islamic world.”

"Muslims who want to integrate into our society are part of our country, but Islam is not part of Germany," said Dobrindt. Dobrindt, who is a former Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, said that it is unfair for Germany to be burdened by integrating even more refugees. His country has already  taken in more than one million refugees, who have come predominantly from Muslim-majority states since 2015. "Refugees should return to their home countries whenever this is possible. Family reunifications can also take place in pacified home regions and not only in Germany," said Dobrindt.

Referring to the Alternative for Germany (AfD), an anti-immigration political party, said that he wants to discuss “things people actually care about,” while averring that many Germans feel shunned by mainstream parties, thus increasing support for AfD. “The AfD sits in the Bundestag with 13 percent of the vote. I want the AFD to leave the Bundestag again. This includes the willingness of the people's parties to debate issues in their entirety,” said Dobrindt.

CSU has increasingly appeared to veer away from Merkel’s pro-immigration stance and her CDU party. Dobrindt is a leading figure of the CSU of Bavaria. While newly re-elected president of Hungary, Viktor Orban, has been criticized by socialist and pro-immigration groups in Western Europe, Dobrindt was full of praise: “Viktor Orban is a close partner and friend of the CSU. He has made a major contribution to enforcing European law at the borders during the refugee crisis.” Dobrindt said he rejects analysis in the West that Orban’s overwhelming victory gave evidence of so-called “brainwashing” of the electorate rather than an endorsement of Orban’s views about immigration, traditional European values, and continental security. 



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