While making a campaign appearance in Beaumont, Texas, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said that the outcome of the Islamic terror attacks in Paris on November 13 would have been different had Parisians themselves carried weapons. Trump said, “When you look at Paris, toughest gun laws in the world, nobody had guns but the bad guys.” Noting the deadly, disciplined tactics used by the terrorists, Trump said “Nobody had guns. And they were just shooting them one by one, and then they broke in and had a big shootout and ultimately killed the terrorists.”

At the November 14 event, Trump said in an allusion to the debate over allowing U.S. citizens to openly carry firearms, Trump added, “And I will tell you what—you can say what you want, if they had guns, if our people had guns, if they were allowed to carry, it would have been a much, much different situation.”

The number of dead in Paris has reached 129, while hundreds were injured in five distinct incidents that were unleased on the evening of November 13. More than one thousand persons were held hostage at a concert event in Paris where some were killed by the terrorists. A suicide bomber detonated an explosive device outside the soccer stadium where French President Francois Hollande was watching a match between the national teams of France and Germany. Hollande was quickly hustled out of the venue as the thousands of fans were herded by police and security forces to safety. Hollande vowed to the French people that the nation's response will be "merciless," without specifying exactly what will be done about what he called an act of war by the Islamic State.

Trump's stance on 2nd Amendment rights in the U.S. and his comparisons to France apparently caught the attention of France's ambassador to Washington, Gerard Araud.


It is apparent, however, that Ambassador Araud had selected a tweet that Trump posted in January of this year in the aftermath of the Islamic terrorist attack on the headquarters of French satirical magazine "Charlie Hebdo." When news organizations noticed the retweeting of the old post, it was subsequently taken down with no explanation.

In reality, Trump deplored the attacks in Paris when news reached the United States on the evening of November 13. He said his prayers were with the people of France. 

Trump has been unstinting in his criticisms of President Barack Obama's policy towards the Islamic State, as can be noted in the tweet below:








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