In the state of Ohio, social workers are asking a court to side with a teenage girl who is asking for gender reassignment treatment at a hospital instead of the counseling desired by her parents.  Filed in Hamilton County Juvenile Court, the complaint is petitioning Judge Sylvia Hendon to order Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center to provide treatment for the girl against her parent’s wishes. Documents filed with the court indicate that the parents do not acknowledge their daughter’s desire to transition to a male persona. The parents are seeking counseling consonant with their Christian beliefs, while they have not approved of her change in appearance to resemble a male.

The so-far unnamed 16-year-old emailed a crisis hotline in November 2016 and claimed that one of her parents called on her to commit suicide. Court documents allege that her mother yelled “You’re a liar!” while the teen read a letter during therapy. According to the teen, her parents caused her to listen to readings from the Bible for over six hours in one sitting. Also, the complaint alleges that the teen received therapy from the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital until her parents decided that Christian therapy was more appropriate. Documents filed with the court assert that the teen girl thereafter suffered bouts of depression and anxiety.

Media were not allowed in the courtroom on Tuesday, following requests from both the parents’ and teen’s attorneys. Karen Brinkman, the parents’ attorney, told the court many statements in the teen’s complaint are false.

The city of Cincinnati prohibits doctors and therapists from practicing so-called conversion therapy on homosexuals and persons with gender dysphoria (transgender), as a result of a ban passed in 2015 that came after the suicide of a teen boy. The city fines anyone practicing conversion therapy $200. “No licensed medical professional can perform any type of ‘treatment’ to change the sexual orientation or gender identity/expression of a minor in the City of Cincinnati. It is now the law of the land in Cincinnati, Ohio,” said Cincinnati city councilmember Chris Seelbach, an activist homosexual, after the ban passed.

The hearing in this case will continue on Thursday.



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