Apparently not content with the multi-hued rainbow flag of sexual liberation that has flown at rallies for homosexual marriage and rights, a new flag of sexual perversity was unfurled at the recent Pride Month kick-off in Philadelphia. Known as “More Color More Pride,” the effort by cultural Marxists aims to recognize non-whites among homosexuals and various other sexual identities.

At the ceremony in the City of Brotherly Love, participants revealed a new flag of sexual libertinism. By adding black and brown stripes, the activists sought to include darker shades of skin to the most recognizable symbol of what was once known as gay liberation. However, there was no stripe to symbolize whites among those who claim to belong to the LGBTQ+ communities. According to a document at the website of the taxpayer-supported University of Central Florida:  
“LGBTQ+ is an acronym for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer/Questioning, and others. It
refers to a population of people united by having gender identities or sexual orientations that
differ from the heterosexual and cisgender majority.
“Other names for this population include GSM (Gender and Sexuality Minorities), GSD (Gender
and Sexuality Diverse), and the extended acronym LGBTQQIAP2S, which stands for Lesbian,
Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, Pansexual, and Two-Spirit.”

To this list may be added “allies.’
At the Philadelphia flag raising, Amber Hikes -- who has been described in the press as a “black queer woman” -- was excited to see that the black and brown stripes surmount the stripes of other colors, which include yellow, blue, red, purple, and green. The  More Color More Pride campaign was developed by Tierney, a local advertisement agency that worked with the official Office of LGBT Affairs of the city of Philadelphia, where Hikes happens to be the executive director.
According to CNN, Hikes got emotional when the new gay pride flag was raised last week. Philadelphia may be the first city to publicly recognize racial discrimination within the LGBT community. Hikes told CNN that the new flag at City Hall is “such a profound statement." 

A January report by Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations found that racial discrimination is rampant among restaurants, bars, and nightclubs frequented by LGBTQ+ people. In the Philly district known as Gayborhood, discriminatory dress-code policies at local bars, for example, have stirred debate among activists. 
Despite winning approval from fellow activists and officials for the attention focused on racial discrimination among homosexuals, Hikes said that criticism and pushback has come in the “vast majority” of instances from gay white men. "White people do not know what racism looks like, because that's the definition of racism," Hikes told CNN. Hikes said that gay white men presume that the colors of the rainbow flag represented all colors and sexual persuasions. When other versions of the pride flag were introduced, there was no similar pushback, according to Hikes. 

Designed in 1978 by artist Gilbert Baker, the original LGBT flag had eight stripes, each of which had a different meaning:

Pink: sexuality;
Red:  life;
Orange: healing;
Yellow: sunlight;
Green: nature;
Turquoise: Magic/Art
Indigo blue: Serenity/Harmony;
Violet: spirit.



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