In an interview with Fox network personality Sean Hannity, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich said that America is on the verge of a “revolution’ should Donald Trump win the coming Republican primary in South Carolina. On Feb. 16, Gingrich said “You could have on Saturday: Sanders wins in Nevada, Trump wins in South Carolina. Now that’s a revolution in American politics. If those two things happen.”
Gingrich said that it appears that Trump cannot be stopped by the GOP establishment in winning a victory in the Palmetto State and for the rest of the presidential election year. Also, Gingrich did not envision any of the other remaining Republicans dropping out or overtaking Trump. Of Trump, Gingrich said in the interview, "I wish he were a little more presidential,  I think it would be better for him, and it would be better for the country, but I have to say this aggressive, strident style -- he is holding his base together."
Hannity asserted that the party establishments among Democrats and Republicans are in a "state of panic" and asked for Gingrich's observations. The former Speaker said that Americans appear to be moving away from the "traditional deal-making center" and migrating to polar opposites Donald Trump and Bernie Sander, who each represent separate "universes" that have "drmatically different visions of America's future."
Last month, Gingrich told the "On The Record" program that Trump will ultimately get the support of the Republican establishment if he wins the party nomination. Gingrich said, "He's big financially, he's big in his ideas, he's big in his aggressiveness, he's physically big." With challenges such as terrorism, American voters are seeking a strong leader, Gingrich said while adding that Trump projects strength.
Trump appears poised to win the South Carolina primary, where Republicans support a number of his positions. According to a Public Policy Polling survey released on Feb. 16, 80 percent say their support a ban on Muslims entering the country, while another 62 percent of Trump's supporters in South Carolina want a national database that tracks Muslims. In addition, a third of Trump’s supporters said practicing Islam should be made illegal.



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