Andrew M. Fiacco, a 19-year-old accused of killing and dismembering friend Stephen C. McAfee, was arraigned and sent to jail without bail by a Macomb County court in Michigan on Friday. Fiacco is accused of burying McAfee’s mutilated remains in a shallow grave at his family home in Ray Township. Allegedly helping him was his female associate, Eevette Macdonald. The court set a $20,000 bond for Macdonald to that she can be free to graduate high school. She was arraigned on Friday, too.
It is not certain that all of McAfee’s body parts have been recovered. In court, prosecutors said that Fiacco admitted to the crime. Fiacco claimed that he and McAfee went into a woods at a property in Bruce Township where McAfee supposedly attacked him. Fiacco fired three shots and killed him. 
Fiacco has been charged by Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith with open murder, a felony firearm charge, disinterment and mutilation of a body, and lying to a police officer. For her part, Macdonald is facing charges of being an accessory after the fact to felony murder, disinterment and mutilation of a body, and lying to police. According to Macomb County Sheriff Anthony Wickersham, Fiacco is believed to have shot and killed McAfee, a friend from childhood, at an “off-the-beaten-path" property near Romeo, a Detroit suburb, on March 10.
Authorities and the McAfee family asked for the public’s help to find McAfee after his disappearance. It was on April 26 that a young woman and her father came to the Macomb County Sheriff's Office. She told law enforcement that she had heard from Macdonald about the death of McAfee and his burial. Sheriff Wickersham said, "She was given information by the ex-girlfriend of Mr. Fiacco that Andrew had shot Stephen and that she helped in dismembering the body." The young female informant gave information about the location of the corpse. She will be a witness in the case but will face no criminal prosecution.
Once detectives spoke to Macdonald and Fiacco, the pair provided several confessions and various stories until they were finally arraigned. 
McAfee was just 19 when he was last seen a few miles from Fiacco's home. A $7,600 reward was posted for information leading to McAfee's whereabouts. He was a drummer and music lover. 
McAfee and Fiacco had been good friends since childhood. However, Fiacco is accused of shooting McAfee once in the abdomen and twice in the back. After leaving McAfee dead in a vacant field in northern Macomb County, Fiacco came later to hack the body into halves with an ax. He then moved it to the Ray Township property where Fiacco lived. He buried the body parts in shallow graves there. When law enforcement asked about McAfee’s whereabouts, Fiacco confessed nothing during two separate interviews. However, on Thursday, Fiacco finally showed investigators where his friend's remains could be found in two shallow graves in two northern Macomb County communities about 10 miles apart.
During the arraignment, Macomb County Assistant Prosecutor William Cataldo said "It's a serious crime. It's a horrible crime." 
Fiacco’s former gal pal, Eevette Macdonald (18) is alleged to have helped him to hid the body. Sheriff's Detective Sgt. Mark Morfino told District Court Judge Denis LeDuc that Fiacco took her to the vacant lot in Bruce Township, where McAfee was shot, to "show her something" about a month after McAfee was killed. They returned about a month later. Fiacco stands accused of chopping McAfee’s mortal remains in half at the midsection with an ax. Allegedly, Macdonald helped him bury part of McAfee's remains in the yard at Fiacco's home. She also stands accused of burning a duffel bag used in the crime and burning it in a fire pit there. "Obviously, this is a serious charge. This is, at this point, primarily an allegation," said William Barnwell, who was representing Macdonald for her attorney, Joshua West.
Attorney Barnwell told the court that Macdonald had had little prior contact with authorities, and is a high school senior set to graduate in June. She is enrolled at Macomb Community College and wants to study genetic engineering. He said Macdonald "will be cooperative with this court every step of the way." Judge LeDuc ordered Macdonald held on a $20,000 cash surety bond and to have no contact with Fiacco or McAfee's family. She will have to wear a GPS tether if released. 
Assistant Prosecutor Cataldo told the court that two loaded pistols were found during a search. However, Attorney Richard Graving, who is of counsel to Fiacco, said the weapons do not belong to him. Graving told the court that the sheriff's office twice Thursday barred him from talking with his client. Fiacco has mental health issues, Graving claims. However, he does not believe his client has a drug problem. Graving said that Fiacco is not currently a student but worked in construction. 
Fiacco was adopted when he was a young child, Graving told the court. He said that Fiacco and McAfee had been friendly for many years and that they "weren't enemies, by any means." Given that they had been in regular communication, Graving said “At this point, it couldn't possibly be murder," and added, that Fiacco "just loved (McAfee) too much."



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