Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) discussed with CNN news host Jake Tapper the controversy over climate change and President Trump’s announcement that he is pulling the country out of the Paris climate accord -- a signal achievement of the Obama administration. The libertarian senator said that scientists have argued for decades that global disaster is imminent. Tapper disagreed and claimed that the predictions have been borne out: "all of it has happened."

"You need to make sure that your viewers know that most of [climate scientists’] models has been wrong," Paul said. "They adjust it every year because they haven’t been good at predicting things."

Tapper responded, saying "But obviously scientists have been predicting for years that the temperatures would go up, that glaciers would shrink, that sea ice would disappear, that oceans would rise, that the sea level would rise and there would be longer and more intense heat waves and all of that has happened, Senator."

When he was asked what the “better climate deal" Trump is proposing would look like, Paul said that a new deal would ensure that American's do not lose their jobs. Transcript follows:

RAND PAUL: Well first you wouldn't lose 6 million American jobs. One of the reasons President Trump was elected is he promised to defend American workers and American jobs. There are estimates that this agreement, which is unfair, and punishes America... that we would lose 6 and a half million jobs, while countries like India and Iran -- We would have to pay them to reduce their carbon emissions. I can't imagine a worse agreement than this thing for the American worker... [The 6.5 million jobs] are in the energy industry... because of excessive regulation. So if America has to reduce her Carbon footprint by 20 percent, but China doesn't have to reduce theirs at all, how could that possibly be fair? Who in their right minds would sign something that says that China doesn't have to do anything."

Responding to a critic of Trump's decision who said that it will result in “mass extinction,” Paul asked, “Mass extinction? Really?” Paul said, “That’s a ridiculous statement…I don’t think we should be alarmist about this.”

Tapper pushed back on Paul's questioning of the effect of human activity on global climate change, asking: “Are you really saying that man is not contributing to climate change?” 

“This is the big argument that none of you guys get…How much is nature and how much is man?” Paul said. “I’m perfectly willing to admit that man can have an influence and we should minimize our pollution. But those who say that it is all man and don’t acknowledge that the 4.5 billion year old planet has gone through climate change based on natural effects…”




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