Donald Trump’s Twitter account was bombarded with racist, anti-Semitic remarks on social media after he posted "Happy Hanukkah" greetings along with a photo of a menorah on the first night of the observance of the Jewish festival of lights. This year, the first night of Hannukah coincided with Christmas Eve.
There were some tweets that expressed disappointment and anger that Trump, a Christian, was a “sell-out.” Other posters on Twitter wrote that they they “don’t support satanic Jews.”
One Twitter account, bearing the name “Parker9” wrote in all capital letters: “How dare you insult Christmas by acknowledging another holiday??? This politically correct bullshit has to stop.” Another Twitter user, going by the name “Lauren Reeves,” wrote, “Donald Trump lighting all the candles on the first day is a testament to both your patience and ignorance.
President-elect Trump’s son, Donald J. Trump Jr., also came in for bigoted remarks for his Hannukah greetings. One Twitter user, who goes by the handle “Donald J. Trump,” responded to the younger Trump’s greetings: “Good idea, make the Jews think we like them and maybe the media they control will treat us better.”
For her part, Ivanka Trump, received far less criticism for sending out greetings. As did the president-elect, Ivanka Trump -- who is Jewish and married to Trump advisor Jared Kushner -- issued greetings in celebration of both Christmas and Hannukah.  One Twitter user posted bizarre comments on Ivanka's account.  "BlinkHem" posted "Does your husband know you're harassing Ivanka?" and "Ivanka Trump do you plan on celebrating in Russia next year with trumputin?" 



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