A group that purportedly represents young Muslims in northern England has declared war on law enforcement, having claimed that Muslims are being persecuted in the wake of a sex crime scandal that has rocked the United Kingdom for several years. The British Muslim Youth (BMY) group called on all Muslims to cut all ties with police, or face ostracism or worse in their own neighborhoods. In a statement, BMY said that it will not be “held responsible for acts of personal self-defence.” The group said it will no longer trust the police of South Yorkshire, claiming that Muslims are being subjected to "marginalisation and dehumanization."
In August of 2014, an independent report revealed startling details of rape and sexual exploitation of girls as young as 11 by gangs of predominantly Pakistani Muslim men. The scheme lasted for at least 14 years. The town council in Rotherham and South Yorkshire police were raked over the coals for alleged failure to address the sinister abuse of girls and young women by Muslim thugs. In response, some police claimed that they did not intercede out a concern for being branded as racists. However, five men of Pakistani origin were jailed in 2010  for the crimes.
Muslim men vote on a motion in a meeting in Yorkshire
Similar claims have arisen in the United States, where police are scrambling to explain shootings and perceived abuse of minorities. The leftist BlackLivesMatter movement in the U.S. has been especially adept at exploiting tensions within the black community, especially since incident such as the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, which sparked weeks of riots and demonstrations.
British Muslim Youth denied the claims by South Yorkshire police as a "pernicious lie" to cover up shortcomings on the part of law enforcement. The statement, which appears on the BMY website, stated that it "completely condemns all forms of child sexual exploitation" but argued all Muslims had been "tarred with the same brush."
Despite the apparent declaration of hostilities, BYM calls on Muslims in Rotherham to call for emergency services and report all crimes. In response, Jane Collins – a member of the European parliament for the UK Independence Party, said of the BYM screed, "These people are calling for themselves to be above the law." Collins called on the head of the South Yorkshire police to continue the investigation into sex slavery in Rotherham despite the Muslim call to boycott law enforcement, which she said is "hypocrisy of the worst kind."
British Muslim Youth founder, Muhbeen Hussain
Collins said, "I urge you, as someone who has not only read the Jay Report but also been a confidante to many victims of these vile crimes, to pledge to continue your work into routing out sexual abuse regardless of the ethnic origin or religion of suspected perpetrators. For years these men went about their vile activities, raping girls and passing them around while the council did nothing all because they were scared of appearing racist by accusing Muslim men of crimes against white girls.”
As news of the investigation became public before the release of the report, controversy over the rape and grooming of girls and women shocked the public. Some questioned the response, not only by government and law enforcement, but also of the establishment media.  For example, in The Commentator, opinion writer Vincent Cooper wrote in April 2015:
“The BBC and Islam: Let the children be raped. Between the liberal-Left BBC and the hopeless British police who have internalised far-Left neo-fascist political correctness, little children are being raped and then blamed for being raped because the rapists are Muslim.”
For her part, Collins said that BYM’s claim of being persecuted – in the light of the victimization of 1,400 girls and women – is “sickening."



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