Earlier this month, President Trump issued a proclamation aimed at preventing large numbers of migrants from crossing the border illegally and then seeking political asylum in the United States. The proclamation ensured that anyone wishing to file an asylum claim would have the opportunity to do so, but only if they made that claim at a legal port of entry.

Last week, yet another activist judge, Jon Tigar, temporarily blocked implementation of the president’s proclamation. In doing so, San Francisco-based U.S. District Court Judge Tigar, ignored decades of Supreme Court precedent uphold the chief executive’s authority to safeguard the sovereignty of the United States and defend national security. As recently as a few months ago, the Supreme Court reaffirmed that authority in Trump v. Hawaii In that case, the Court ruled in favor of the president in his efforts to temporarily restrict entry to citizens of countries known to harbor and promote terrorism.

While Judge Tigar’s ruling will likely be overturned when it reaches the Supreme Court, in the short-term it will exacerbate the crisis at the border and encourage more people to file frivolous claims for political asylum.

The ruling also should provide new impetus for Congress to fund the border security fence and to enact legislative reforms to our nation’s asylum law to prevent the sort of wholesale abuse of our humanitarian policies.

Dan Stein is the president of the Federation of Americans for Immigration Reform.




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